Anunțul Greder Caterpillar 140H a fost vândut și nu se mai găsește în lista de căutare!
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greder Caterpillar 140H
greder Caterpillar 140H
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Marca:  Caterpillar
Modelul:  140H
Tip:  greder
Anul:  2018
Locul de amplasare:  China Shanghai
Data publicării:  mai mult de o lună
Machineryline ID:  YE30692
Marca:  Caterpillar
Combustibil:  diesel
Stare:  second hand
Informaţie suplimentară
Culoare:  galben

Informaţie suplimentară — Greder Caterpillar 140H

Machine is in Good condition. Welcome to contact us for more details!
Shifu Industry Co., Limited
Contact info: Chen
WhatsApp :+8615026691840

1, Company Profile:
We have more than 20 years of trade experience.Our machines are widely recognized and trusted by users, extensively used in constructions and other industries.
We provide high quality device and negotiable price.

2, The shipment:
Our professional shipping forwarders can arrange all the shipping works efficiently.
●Container: Fast, better for smaller construction equipment.
●Bulk cargo ship :Cheaper, better for bigger construction equipment.
●Flat rack ship : better for bigger machines and also no need to be dismantled.
You can choose one favorite depends on your needs.

3, Loading:
Within 7 working days after payment generally.

4, Payment:
By T-T transfer.
50% deposit first, then arrange shipping, the balance before loading ship.

5.Extra Services
A. Airport picking up.
B.Provide the best pre-sale and after-sales service.
C.Guide you visit Shanghai when you are free.
D.Hotel booking.

(1)If you find any of the machines interested, please kindly let me know and we can offer more relevant photos and detailed specifications for you.
(2)Our professional team make special effort to solve all problems or buy some quick-wear parts for you.

(3)Machines accept pre-order, keep